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We provide security policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and controls for data processing, storage and transfer to meet business, legal and regulatory requirements.

Over £120 million in assets protected from 25+ clients

We indoctrinate organisational culture to inculcate beliefs that Data protection is the ultimate responsibility of the board of directors and a shared responsibility of all members of an organisation.

Our data security enterprise architecture models are based on the integration of data protection and security by design and by default. We have a matured and tested approach to the handling of protest against data processing through an automatic decision-making algorithm.


Outsourcing your data protection officer is a cost-effective way of managing data protection and security.

Let us manage your data protection to keep your cost down. Our DP consultants are highly qualified information security and protection experts with years of experience in the security industry.

Contact us today to book for your:

  • External Data protection officer
  • Data Protection Impact assessment
  • Risk Analysis


Data protection officer contractor 

We offer on-site and remote data protection management as a service flexible to accommodate small and large-sized data processing. With that assured, you can focus on your core business activities. Our DPOs are highly experienced in handling data under various global legislative and regulatory requirements.

Data protection impact assessment

We can help you through the DPIA should your organisation’s data processing activity likely result in high risk to the rights and freedom of the data subject. A preventive data protection impact assessment must be carried out to identify appropriate measures for mitigation and engage in corrective actions against the risk to data. If the outcome of assessment cannot determine what preventive actions to take the entity must contact supervisory authorities. Organisations’ using new technologies in their business activities (especially to break into unfamiliar grounds) should pay special attention to risk regarding the rights and freedom of subject data and when to initiate DPIA. 

Data protection Audit

Audit can be a long and tiring activity, at the end it gives a good overview of the current security situation to understand what controls and countermeasures to put in place. Audit services we offer include threat assessment, vulnerability assessment, risk analysis, impact assessment and compliance assessment.

Processing by Automatic decision making

We can help your organisation with responding and handling of automated individual decision making including profiling according to requirements of  GDPR article 22.

Creating contracts between controllers, processors, writing policies, documentation and templates

We can help you create contracts with vendors and other processors including binding corporate rules. Binding corporate rules are a solution for multinational companies which export personal data from the territory of the EU to other companies within the same group located in third countries which do not ensure an adequate level of protection.


Training courses include Data Protection Officer course, GDPR awareness, ISO 27001, Social engineering awareness, creating legal and regulatory compliance documentation. 

If you are not sure whether you are a controller or a processor, please refer to the ICO guidance Data controllers and data processors. The guidance is based on
the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) but it is what GDPR is based on, or contact us for a brief.

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